Hidden Valley Conservation Club

About the HVCC

The purpose of the HVCC is to provide its members with quality bird hunting experiences safely and at reasonable cost on private farm land on Vancouver Island. The Club has been providing those quality bird hunting experiences continuously for close to forty years. We release ring neck pheasant and chukar partridge for hunting by our members on our upland bird farms. Members can also hunt wild ducks and geese on our waterfowl farms, where comfortable and well positioned blinds are available for booking.

In addition to waterfowl hunting and traditional walk up upland bird hunting, the Club offers English style pheasant shoots up to three times a year.

The HVCC is a non-profit Club. In the case of waterfowl hunting, members are only charged what it costs to gain access to the farm and to build and maintain the blinds. In the case of released game birds, members are simply charged the cost of the birds as charged to the Club by the bird raiser and the release fee as charged by the releasing farm. Apart from a small administration fee there are no additional costs. There are no salaried positions in the Club. All the Officers and Directors are volunteers.

If you would like to know more about the HVCC, we suggest you look through all the pages on this site. If you decide to become a member, an application form can be downloaded from the

Upgrade your hunting

Fake bird boredom !!
It's a serious problem in real hunting dogs. Rubber ducks just don't rock their world! Get your dog into some real birds, real hunting and real fun. It's tough to find good hunting on the Island and it's even harder to create a situation were your dog can get into bird after bird.

He/she wont know you've joined a club to get their hunting skills tack sharp for your big trip to Alberta or the few weeks a year that you can get out in the field and hunt wild birds. However your dog will come to think that our farms are heaven on earth and your hunting partner will appreciate you all the more - if that's possible.

You'll benefit from a hunting partner that's sharper, more focused and ready to get hunting as soon as you are.

If your dog were reading this, the check would already be written. Ditch those rubber birds and join us to hunt over some real ones.